Introducing Portalite - a versatile, portable, Green Energy generator.
Portalite folded and set up

Use it for camping, recreational vehicles, mobile homes, remote work sites, power outages, and many other applications where conventional power sources are unavailable.
"Green Energy" means using renewable sources such as wind and solar to generate electrical energy to power your lights, appliances, tools and electronics in a sustainable way.
Below are examples of how the Portalite can be used in various situations.

These images illustrate how the Portalite can be used for camping and outdoor work. The Portalite wind turbine folds into a compact package, for storage in your vehicle. It's the convenient "plug n' play" solution to many of your off-grid power requirements.

Portable wind turbine set up in RV campsiteWhen you need extra power from the sun, just plug in a solar panel into the generator container, to give you a hybrid Green Energy package.

Portable wind turbine set up in worksite Outdoor work crews require electrical energy to power equipment and tools. Portalite does the job

Portable wind turbine set up beside RV Fold and Store the turbine in your vehicle or your garage - Set up in minutes. You do not need a 30 ft. high tower to find wind strong enough to generate electricity. Portalite can be placed on the ground anywhere. It needs only a light breeze to start generating power.

A van for camping outdoors requires electrical energy to power appliances. Portalite does the job

The Portalite wind turbine will soon be available in two models, based on size and power:

Portalite Model A - Basic for general and light use, and
Portalite Model B - Power for work tools,extended tme use and high power appliances Background: Over a period of several years, our research into wind energy has produced a new wind turbine design capable of generating electrical power in a light breeze, commonly found near the ground almost everywhere. The secret is a wind sail blade design which automatically repositions itself relative to wind direction during rotation in order to maximize power production at relatively low wind speed. We are gearing up to launch our products later this year. Our goal is to provide affordable green energy solutions for campers, outdoor work crews, and emergency backup power for homeowners.

Production will be limited. If you would like to be on our "preferred customers" list, please send us your name and email address,
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