5 Best Broadband Internet Providers in the UK

Best broadband 2021: The UK internet providers worth your money in 2021 |  Expert Reviews

They at so many factors to be considered when selecting the best broadband from Internet service providers. To know the best broadband for you, you have to know the purpose it is to be used. Reliability, security, availability, and costs are things to consider to determine the best broadband Internet providers in the UK. Judging from the factors mentioned, these broadband Internet providers are considered to be the best:

  1. Plusnet

Plusnet is a broadband Internet provider in the UK known for its speedy Internet connection, reliability, and affordable plans. Although Plusnet is not known for the ultra-fast service that other broadband Internet providers such as BT or EE offer, it is still one of the best options to choose from, and it has one of the best Internet packages

Plusnet can be considered an all-rounder in this industry because they are fast and reliable, provide good customer support, and their Internet packages are very affordable. 

  1. Zen Internet 

Most people see zen Internet in the UK as the best broadband Internet provider. This is because of their speed and affordable Internet packages. Stats show that almost 95% of Zen Internet customers are willing to recommend them to friends. 

It has both the ADSL2 services and the latest services, such as the FTTP services. Almost all the rivals of this broadband Internet provider are left in the dust because of the unique way they satisfy customers. 

  1. BT Broadband

When it comes to high speed and reliability, BT broadband has made a name in that aspect. It has an average speed of 522 Mbits and is recommended if you want to stream a 4K video or video game. 

Their customer service is top-notch, and their technologies are out of this world. Those who use their services have always dropped good reviews about the company. They are known for their customer support and have become more competitive in the market by reducing the cost of their packages. 

  1. Virginia Media Broadband

Virginia Media Broadband is known mainly for its Internet speed. It is the fastest among other broadband Internet providers in the UK. However, this broadband Internet service provider lacks good customer service, and their Internet packages are quite expensive. Another thing about them is that they are not reliable sometimes, with most of their customers complaining of poor customer support. 

  1. EE Broadband

EE Broadband is known for its price and its awesome performance. Their Internet speed is top-notch, and most of their customers are satisfied with what they get from this company. They even give the users free 5GB data for choosing the EE Broadband Internet Provider. 

Reviews from customers also show that most of the customers are provided with the best customer service. Although some customers have also complained that their services are a little bit expensive. 


The best broadband Internet providers are decided by how fast their Internet speed is, their reliability and security, the price of Internet packages, and how good their Internet packages are. The brands that are mentioned are among the best broadband Internet providers in the UK. 

Stacee R. Grigg

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