Advances In Staff Scheduling Software

It is exciting to know how a staff scheduling software can make the administrative work simple in your office. Earlier, the work that required several people, a separate department, and all the resources that go with it can now be done by a single person and in a much better manner. All this can be attributed to advances in technology. Some of the advanced features available in today’s work schedule template are listed below.

Payroll:Sending data to the payroll department to ensure that everyone is paid the correct amount at the correct time was an issue earlier. A large number of people had to check the records and compile data for each employee before the accounts department could release the money. This system was prone to errors. But, with a staff scheduling software you can simply export the data in a pre-set format to an excel sheet and within a few hours, a person can accurately process the salary of an entire office.

Web-based:If you had a flexible workforce where shift timings were subject to change or where part-timers would do a lot of work, communicating with them was an expensive affair. Once again, a person would have to be seated out there calling people. But, today a web-based employee schedule template offers convenience to the employees. They can log on to the Internet and check their work timings easily and in an inexpensive way.

Integrated:The staff scheduling software is also compatible with other technology tools that your organization may be using. If you have been using Google Apps, Facebook or anything like that, the software is fully compatible and can efficiently disseminate information to the workforce.

Text Message-based:There are ways through which employees can get the information they need on their mobile phones, without making any attempt. When you post the information, each employee will receive text messages reminding them about their work timings. There is no way any ambiguity can seep through in this system and you don’t even have to expect employees to work for it. The best system is one that is least dependent on people.

The traditional role of a staff scheduling software was to prepare shift timings. Other operations like payroll and communicating this information were ancillary and were done by other departments. But, over time due to the advancements made in technology, these tasks can be accomplished in a better and cost-effective manner by the software. From the age-old process of only applying mathematical models to come up with an optimum workforce, you now have software that provides an integrated solution for workforce management.

Stacee R. Grigg

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