After Effects, why it’s such an essential software.

What is Adobe After Effects?

Nowadays, anyone can edit a video; however, you can still separate the amateurs from the pros, and editing software such as Adobe After Effects can make anyone a pro. The following blog will discuss why it is an essential tool and the difference between Adobe Effects and Premier Pro. If you are searching for any editing app or software, it might be beneficial to read some of the reviews written on the best online services. However, if you are a video editor and want to take your skills up a notch, companies like AEJuice offer plugins and scripts to help your video animations stand out.  

What is Adobe After Effects?

If you have never heard of Adobe After Effects, hopefully, this description with bring you some insight. Adobe Effects is a beautiful tool that allows videographers, filmmakers, and editors to enhance their visual effects. It will enable them to create motion graphics, 2-D animations, and 3-D special effects. 

What you can do on Adobe After Effects

While you can edit videos on After Effects, there is so much more that this composition software offers to its users. For example, you can create visual and special effects, 2-D animations, text, and motion graphics. It allows its users to take their videos to the next level and create something unique and artistic. In addition to its versatility, it is easy to use when importing and exporting content; in addition, it does not involve any extensive layering.

The difference between After Effects and Premiere Pro

Both After Effects and Premiere Pro are software created by Adobe; however, their functions slightly differ. Before going any further, you might ask yourself what Premier Pro is. Premier Pro is essentially video editing software. It allows you to import videos and images, cut up and rearrange the clips, edit them to be slow-motion or sped up, play music alongside your visuals, and many more. You can also create visual effects, text, and motion graphics. However, you will need to use Adobe After Effects to make advanced edits and graphics. Therefore, the main difference is that while you can do practically everything on Premiere Pro, you will need to use Adobe After Effects when it comes to the more advanced and complex modifications and changes to complete your video or creation. 

How to learn After Effects like a pro

One does not need to pay for a course to learn to use After Effects to its fullest potential. While paying for any course can be beneficial as it can speed up the time and provide you with relevant information, it is not essential. On average, it takes someone to learn After Effects eight weeks, intensively studying the software. Thankfully though, if you are planning on teaching yourself how to use After Effects, Adobe teaches you the basic steps, including tutorials on how to do or use certain functions within the software. There are, of course, platforms such as YouTube and Google that also have a wide variety of educational and helpful tutorials, in case you ever get stuck or lost.

Suppose you are an aspiring videographer or editor, or you simply love creating special effects and 2-D animations. In that case, Adobe After Effects might just be the perfect software to make your vision come true. Thankfully you do not have to go on an extensive course to learn how to use the software, as there are many free and helpful tutorials available to you online. 

Stacee R. Grigg

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