Calling Your Loved Ones From Ghana – How Telecommunication Technology Has Made This Cheaper!

With so many families having members who work abroad, the demand for international calling is at an all time high. Military service people, journalists, doctors, aid workers and immigrants, among many others, all have good reason to make calls to far away countries. They need and deserve to have access to international telephone calls for reasonable rates.

Competition In The Telecommunication World
International long distance has never been an inexpensive service. Thankfully, the 21st century hosts a competitive market of telecommunications providers and consumers can shop among the different plans available to find the most economical option according to their individual needs.

Selecting The Right Service
Consumers need to carefully consider their international calling needs when selecting a service. Someone who only requires the service once in a while would be wise to consider pre-paid calling cards, whereas someone who’s employment depends on frequent over-seas calling should look into monthly rate plans. In either instance, there are many options to choose from.

Unfortunately, some don’t realize that international calling does cost more than national long distance. Someone calling Ghana from the U.K. without a rate plan or calling card would have to pay significantly more for the same call. This inevitably would drive up the cost and thus making it more painful to their pockets.

How Would You Call?
Purchasing a pre-paid calling card offers the advantage of the same by-the-minute rate regardless of calling method. For example, whether you call from a land line or a mobile phone, a call from the U.K. to Ghana using a Nobelcom pre-paid calling card would cost from 2.9p to 4.5p per minute, depending on the selected card.

When international calling first became available to the public, calls had to be made by appointment at public calling centers. The service was pricey and the wait to make the call was long. The process of connecting the call was also a lengthy one, since satellite technology was not as advanced as it is today. It was a novelty of the upper class.

Connecting The World
Only thirty years ago, international calls were made from private booths at calling centres by appointment. While technology was advancing, still it was not the most convenient nor cost effective. Thanks to technological advancement, just about anyone can make international telephone calls from the privacy of their own home at their own convenience, and for a reasonable cost. With so many providers available, all it takes is some thought and planning – anyone can select an international calling plan that ensures they are able to make cheap to calls to Ghana guaranteed.

Stacee R. Grigg

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