Henry Kyereme: Could advances in technology undermine the future of humans?

1 significant issue around technological know-how is the dread that it could unleash serious havoc on humanity if misused.

Technological innovation misuse together with ecological disruption and the likelihood of nukes misuse are considered as the most potent existential (instant and remote) threats to humanity.

Whilst all a few threats are highly disruptive, know-how misuse is getting notice in current periods owing to technology’s accessibility, pace of expansion in awareness in technological tools and, ultimately, the substantial diploma of vulnerability in technological innovation.

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its significant application could quickly change humans’ algorithms. Now, we are witnessing an sophisticated form of AI with gene treatment and bionic implants these improvements might immediately modify the organic makeup of human beings. Also, their tempo of evolution is advancing at a charge in no way found in advance of in biotechnological engineering.

Ultimately, these superior AIs aim to develop superior humans with further functionalities earlier mentioned those of common people. This notion of human improve or gravitating towards the robotic status is a hard strategy to appear at from a spiritual viewpoint.

Nonetheless, from a scientific and sociological issue of watch, considerable developments lend credence to the plan that humans could be tilting progressively to a robotic or considerably mysterious standing.

Unsurprisingly, transhumanists have extended yearned for any try that could change human DNA. For occasion, Stalin is on document to have immensely pursued an agenda of producing a genetically engineered army with abilities exceptional to standard citizens.

What, however, is unclear is whether the improvement of human beings ensures remarkable potential or could conclusion up debasing humanity.

Need I point out that this revolutionary AI improvements, ought to they go incorrect, could spell doom for humanity perpetually as there are no regarded total-proof standards and protocols at the moment in position to govern these kinds of a situation.

Certainly, all the prominent actors in the AI place, which includes Elon Musk, have shared their worry in excess of AI generating important adverse consequences on humanity. It is 1 detail to innovate, but it takes a good offer of grit to forecast precisely and put in place mitigating protocols for achievable long run externalities to come from today’s innovation.      

Unquestionably, the human way of life in culture – developing romantic relationship, operate, and socialization, between other individuals – have markedly modified in excess of the past several epochs, generally motivated by developments in technological know-how.

Technology now has come to be an enabler of lifestyle and, in some scenarios, replacing chores at first preserved for individuals. The cognitive capabilities of robots and technologically engineered devices have enhanced so a lot that some robots are even alleged to be sentient.

As robots strengthen in cognitive capability and think the properties of people, humans are, on the other hand shifting little by little to robotic status. The shift in people is in two-fold: inventors of robots who manage the rest of modern society and those people managed by robots. 

The initial explanation human beings are turning into much more of robots is that in the period of enhanced automation, “no significant and special thinking” – aside from pursuing processes – is necessary to execute any individual work. Automation is witnessed as optimum and attractive in the world of perform nowadays, pushed by effectiveness and income.

Robots are more productive in executing some precise responsibilities, and if earnings is the underlining thought, it would make perception to automate to maximize these gains. In this kind of an ecosystem, individuals require really minimal considering, as robots do all the thinking for us. Past human enslavement to machines, the unprecedented technological improvements also exacerbate the division in between human beings – individuals who manage us (creators of robots) and those who are controlled.

Secondly, humanity’s social construct, defined based mostly on communalism and interdependence, has quickly disappeared. The social aid system no lengthier relies on broader group guidance but is now based mostly on the individual’s traits. Individualism – freedom of action for people today above collective or condition regulate – seems to have been embraced as a “modern” way of everyday living and taken keep of us humans.

The that means of a neighborhood wherever people reside together and share in each individual other’s pleasure and discomfort has greatly light. Human social bond has been harmed, and men and women have significantly less feeling of team identity ensuing in considerably less and considerably less feeling towards their community or individuals in their neighborhood.

It is not unheard of to have folks are living in a distinct group for a long time and yet not detect or establish as neighbours. The proliferation of net and new media have exacerbated individualism as individuals now like and can build a virtual local community of their individual without guidance from their locality.

The unintended implications of technological innovation could be tackled if regulation is brought to the front burner of policy discourse. Without having this kind of deliberate action, the entire world may well wrestle if synthetic intelligence goes wrong.

In the exact vein, the globe could be surprised by the exploits of the “bad guys” who consistently search for to acquire advantage of cyber-techniques vulnerabilities to harm innocent users. Undeniably, there are lots of vulnerabilities in technology.

These vulnerabilities have generally been the conduit for “bad geeks” to either advance their interest or from time to time that of a sponsored Point out[s]. As a outcome, cyber-attacks on national, regional, corporations’ networks and often on people have come to be prevalent. The discomfort often inflicted on technology customers by these poor men results in being unmeasurable and often effects in the decline of lives and home of those attacked.

Another vital worry is that as people turn out to be extra robotized, therefore seeking endless bliss and superiority, isn’t there a likelihood that they may turn out to be additional potent these types of that they as well will get started to exploit cyberspace vulnerabilities and afflict much more misery on unassuming know-how end users?

Moreover, what will be the religion of individuals now enslaved by technologies in these kinds of house? Indeed, these queries are prospects just one are not able to overlook because the wishes of transhumanists to have an endless bliss of lifestyle will come at a cost and who need to bear that cost?

Thus, just one must be watchful with technological know-how as its misuse could spell doom for humanity and maybe extinguish humankind forever.


Henry Kyeremeh

[email protected]

Co-Founder, iWatch Africa

Stacee R. Grigg

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