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The coding interview can be a nerve-wracking event. You’re interviewing for your ideal job when a complete stranger tells you to think for an hour on your feet. You’re being scrutinized, and every statement you make and line of code you publish is being scrutinized. 

Sweat drips from your palms as your thoughts ricochet all over the place. What’s the best way for me to fix this issue? Will my strategy be able to handle all possible scenarios? How much longer do you have? What is my interviewer’s facial expression? This can be done by coding interview tool.

Before you begin creating code, you should devise a strategy for solving the problem. This section should take between 5 and 20 minutes to complete. Drawing charts or doing test examples are usually part of my game plan. 

When I get a graph or recursion problem, for example, I like to create a tree to explain the specific locations I’ll be reaching and the sequence in which they’ll be visited. 

Drawing these trees, moreover, indicates any logic I might need to conduct, such as backtracking. Here, I will discuss my experience and why it is very important to use a live coding interview tool. There are various advantages to devising a game plan. 

  • First and foremost, the interviewer can tell you whether you’re on the incorrect track. If that’s the case, you’ve just spared yourself 30 minutes of creating incorrect code! 
  • Second, determining which data objects, as well as variables, will be required to address the problem is simple.

It’s fine if your first strategy isn’t the most effective. Don’t be concerned with determining the most efficient option right now. This is because having a working code is preferable to having a broken code or, even worse, no code. This is frequently the demise of interview applicants.

After you’ve put your game plan into action, you may go back and tweak it to make it even better. You must express your mental process to the interviewer because they have no idea what is going on inside of your head. 

Because the examiner is analyzing your problem-solving ability and your travel to solve that challenge through the online coding interview, this is a key soft skill to focus on.

I’m worried about this expertise because it helped me get a job offer from a prestigious firm. A senior engineer asked me for a challenging dynamic programming interview during a 45-minute session during the onsite interview. I sketched out a two-dimensional matrix and the various states within it. 

However, I was unable to articulate the right recurrence relation for the longest time. I would put my recurrence relation to the test on a variety of edge circumstances, and my method would occasionally fail. 

I’d describe why my recurrence relationship was incorrect and suggest ways to improve it. Every stage of my mental process was documented and presented. I had a specified recurrence relation at the end of a session, but no code was created. There is no code. A slew of equations and arrows were strewn across the entire whiteboard. 

I was certain that I had failed the interview once I left the room. I would have staked my entire life savings on my failure. Finally,  I received word that I had been hired.

If you are having issues with interviews, you need to try out the coding interview tool like Facecode.

Stacee R. Grigg

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