SEO Services: Search Engine Optimisation Training Pointers for Website Titles

The title is an important implement that should be in all good SEO specialists’ tool box. The title holds a lot of SEO power and should be well planned out.

The title should act as a summary of the whole page and the wording used should be chosen very carefully. All search engines use the title in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) and it will be the first thing your potential visitors will read. To create a successful title you must use convincing language to maximise the chances that users click on your blue words rather than your competitors’.

Set aside a decent amount of time to work on producing some really great titles that will deliver results and direct more traffic to your site.

Here are some pointers for Search Engine Optimisation orientated Titles:

• Remember that each page should have a unique title. Do not just use a blanket title for all pages, this is bad SEO practice and won’t allow you to take advantage of well positioned and prominent keyword rich content.

Your titles should be specific to the page they describe not the website as a whole. If you want to mention your business name in each title for web branding purposes this is absolutely fine. Just ensure that you place these words at the end of the title.

• The word order within in title is an important SEO factor. Words at the start of the title have more weight than those at the end, so make sure you pack the start of each title with your most important and page relevant keywords.

• Use proper English grammar for your titles, these are supposed to be read by humans and they will show up in the SERP. Avoid just listing keywords, this will instantly put off potential visitors to your site.

• Try and keep the total amount of characters (including spaces) within your titles to below 66 characters. Google only show the first 66 characters of any given title, so be aware of this as they will cut your title off short, even mid word. This won’t send out a professional message about your site.

• When it comes to the punctuation of a title, it is best practice to Capitalise All Words. Some Search Engine Optimisation experts claim that ‘of’ and ‘and’ etc. should be lower case but this is unfounded and it’s probably best to hedge your bets and capitalise the whole title.

To Improve your SEO Services you must remember that the title is one of the most important onsite Seach Engine Optimisation components to any website, so make sure your titles read well.

Stacee R. Grigg

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