Software Development Companies – Discussing Their Roles and Areas of Business

Software development companies are very popular today and their business is very beneficial to the world. They have notable contributions in virtually every industry. Their programs make processes easier, quicker and manageable. These companies follow Software Development Life Cycle or SDLC to perform their activities. SDLC is a tactic used to guide the development of any software product. It is the foundation of the activities performed when creating any application. Good examples of SDLCs include Agile, Waterfall, Rapid Application Development, Spiral Mode and Joint Application Development among others.

Software development companies must follow one of the best cycles described above to start and complete projects. The Planning phase always comes first and it is about forming project goals, scope of work and deadlines. The next phase is requirement gathering where data collection and studies about the users occur. The other stages involve design, coding, testing and maintenance. The testing role is a very crucial stage because it allows the test engineers to put their products on various trial situations for analysis purposes.

This enables the testers to identity bugs in the product being tested. Then they forward a report to the developing team. Quality assurance techniques are applied to ensure that the quality of programs is good before they are released to the public. The software development companies take part in various areas of development such as web development. As many people would concur, the World Wide Web has taken the world by storm. The internet seems as if it is everything that businesses and individuals want. To make the internet more exciting and useful to all users, the software developers have come up with various web development applications that make creation, maintenance and management of websites effortless.

Good examples of these applications include Silverlight, JavaScript, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5/CSS3 and PHP among others. Mobile development is another area that software developers participate in mostly by creating cost-effective apps for all types of popular phones. Their main areas include hybrid mobile applications, Window Phones apps, and Mobile Web apps such as CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript. Desktop applications are another area where software development companies focus on. Desktop applications offer convenience, security and boosts performance.

They are based on technologies such as Silverlight, Microsoft.NET Framework, WPF and so on. Developers aim at the MS SQL server, Windows Operation Systems and MS Windows Server aspects when developing a platform for the desktop software. As mentioned earlier there are many areas of software development other than the three mentioned above. One may wonder how the engineers carry out their jobs. The traditional approach used by a variety of software development companies is forming a team of in-house engineers.

Nowadays this method is gradually losing taste as more and more companies embrace outsourcing. The industry is doing great, too, explaining why many developers are receiving more work than they can complete. Outsourcing is the means through which extra projects are assigned to other top programming companies. Nearshoring and offshoring are the two main strategies used by software development companies. The former involves assigning work to a company that is within the same geographical region while the former entails offering projects to a company that is very far away.

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