Understanding Windows Web Hosting

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Windows Web Hosting is a popular and versatile hosting solution that caters to the needs of website owners and developers who prefer the Windows operating system environment.

Unlike Linux Web Hosting, which is based on open-source technologies, Windows Web Hosting utilises Microsoft’s proprietary technologies, making it a suitable option for websites built using ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server databases, and other Microsoft-specific tools. 

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Furthermore, if you want to know all the key aspects of Australian Windows Web Hosting and utilise your hosting solution to its full potential, this article is a must-read.

What is Windows Web Hosting?

Windows Web Hosting is a hosting service that utilises the Windows Server operating system to host websites and web applications. It supports websites built on Microsoft technologies, such as ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server databases.

  • Pros of Windows Web Hosting
  1. Windows hosting provides robust support for ASP.NET, a powerful web application framework developed by Microsoft that helps developers easily create dynamic and interactive websites.
  2. Windows hosting integrates well with various Microsoft tools and technologies, such as Visual Studio and PowerShell. It enhances the development and management experience for website owners and administrators familiar with Microsoft products.
  • Cons of Windows Web Hosting
  1. It is more expensive than Linux Hosting due to licensing fees associated with the Windows Server OS and other Microsoft technologies.
  2. Some web applications and scripts developed for Linux environments may not work seamlessly on Windows hosting. It can be a limitation for websites that heavily rely on Linux-specific features.

Key Aspects of  Windows Web Hosting

  1. Windows Server Operating System

One of the defining features of Windows Web Hosting is using Windows Server as the underlying operating system. Windows Server offers a stable and secure environment that supports various web applications and server-side technologies.

  1. ASP.NET Support

Windows Web Hosting provides seamless support for ASP.NET, Microsoft’s server-side web application framework. It enables developers to easily build dynamic and interactive web applications using ASP.NET’s extensive features and libraries offered by ASP.NET.

  1. Microsoft SQL Server

Another significant advantage of Windows hosting is its compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server databases. This powerful database management system is well-suited for handling large datasets and is preferred for enterprise-level websites and applications.

  1. .NET Core

With the introduction of .NET Core, Microsoft expanded its support for cross-platform development, including Linux hosting. However, Windows Web Hosting offers a more integrated and optimised environment for hosting .NET Core applications.

  1. Microsoft-based Tools

Windows hosting integrates seamlessly with various Microsoft tools and technologies, such as Visual Studio, PowerShell, and Active Directory, enhancing website owners’ and administrators’ development and management capabilities.


Understanding Windows Web Hosting is crucial for individuals and organisations with specific technology preferences. Whether it’s a personal blog, eCommerce platform, or complex enterprise application, cheap Windows Web Hosting remains a viable and robust option for those seeking an efficient and reliable hosting environment tailored to Microsoft technologies. Before choosing a Web Hosting in Australia, consider your requirements, scalability needs, and budget constraints.

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