What are The Advantages of Using a Website Builder?

Using A Website Builder in 2023? The Pros vs Cons

Designing a website is a complex process for non-technical site owners as it involves considering a range of factors. From the design of the page to the colors and fonts used, the content type, SEO settings, and numerous other factors, new site owners tend to find the process overwhelming. In addition, creating a website involves writing code. This is not the expertise of all site owners. 

Hiring a web developer or a design agency can be the next option, but the hiring costs can be high. Hence, many small website owners with restricted budgets found it challenging to create a professional-looking website and easy to navigate.

Website builders make site creation easy without putting a strain on your finances. You can use pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop features to create a fantastic site in no time and without being a technical expert. In addition, you can choose between a paid and free website builder based on your needs.

If you are in New Zealand and want the best website builder in NZ, then ensure that you research your options and compare NZ website builder platforms and applications to find the best one for your site. 

Today, we will talk about website builders and the benefits of building a site using them.

Industry-specific design

Have you ever noticed that a company’s website from the pharmaceutical industry has a different design and layout than one from the manufacturing or finance industries? This is because every industry has certain requirements, and hence the sites have specific layouts.

When you opt for a website builder, you get industry-specific templates. Customizable allows you to highlight your brand while adhering to your industry’s best practices in site design.

Sell with ease

Many websites leverage their online presence to generate revenue via various means. Further, there has been a surge in online purchases for products and services in recent years. 

If you are launching a website and want to sell a product/service to your visitors, you will need an e-commerce setup on your site. With a website builder, setting this up takes no time.

Integrate with social media

Your website is like your virtual office space. In the same theme, social media platforms are advertisement banners and radio chatter about your brand. Hence, it is essential to have a strong presence on social media to create a brand presence that gets noticed. 

Most people read about a brand on a social media post and then visit their website to know more. Integrating your site with these platforms lets you quickly connect with existing and new customers.


If you are not a technical expert and want to write code to create a website, you will need to hire the services of a programmer or web developer. This can be costly. A website builder allows you to create a professional site without paying as much. 

While many free website builders are available, they restrict certain functions. Nevertheless, the average cost of a premium website builder is still meager compared to hiring a professional.


If you create your site by writing code, you will have to edit the code every time you want to make any changes to the site. In addition, if you have hired a development agency to create the site, you will have to wait for them to respond to change requests. 

However, if you use a website builder, you can make changes by using the simple interface and drag-and-drop features in no time.

Summing Up

As you can see, a website builder offers a range of benefits. However, choosing a builder that offers features in sync with your requirements is essential. Hence, don’t forget to research your options and compare builders before buying. Remember, you cannot keep changing the builder regularly. Hence, spend time finding the best builder per your budget and needs before deciding.

Stacee R. Grigg

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