What you should gift to a german coworker – Do and Don’ts

What you should know about gift-giving in the German workplace

Gifts for colleagues, close relatives, teachers, loved ones raise a lot of questions for us, but somehow we know how to deal with them. But what to do if a gift is to be given to a foreigner, says a German, with whom we plan long-term and profitable cooperation in the future. Here we think and sometimes for a long time, we can not come up with anything. 

After all, Germany is known for adhering to traditions and for a long-established scale of spiritual and material values. What gift will bring pleasure and joy? Can we offend you with our gift by mistake? What should we do to make our gift seem appropriate and effective and to act as a gallant and intelligent giver?


A very good idea, which any German colleague will surely love and will be completely surprised by the constant supply of a smartwatch. There are a lot of models available at great prices, for example, Motorola Moto and you will know for sure that you will not fail.

Symbolic gift ideas for office colleagues

Most of the time, the gesture matters. Therefore, to mark an opportunity and not force things, you can offer your colleague something symbolic: a greeting card to achieve a goal, a mug with a message, or a photo frame to capture a special moment.

Laptop bag

If the person you want to congratulate owns a laptop, a good idea would be to give them as a gift a bag or a case for such a device. The laptop bag can be chosen depending on what you know your colleague would prefer. You have a lot of options, so you will have a choice.

Men, for example, prefer models in neutral colors (black, brown, etc.), and women are often delighted with those in more cheerful shades or with all kinds of pleasant prints.


Many of those who work in the office have a habit of listening to music while working. There are other cases in which headphones are necessary because it is necessary during work to hear various sounds (IT, music productions, media, etc.).

If the person you want to congratulate uses such accessories and you want to give him a new set as a gift, you have a lot of possibilities. See what your colleague would prefer and make the right choice for a successful gift.

Board games

Such an idea could be a very good one for those who want to detach themselves from everything that means office work, technology, virtual world, etc. Board games help to relax and are a good way to spend your free time. If your office colleague loves such games, you will know for sure. What remains to be done is to find out what he has in his / her collection.

Should I take a bottle of wine or not?

If you are invited to visit, then often with the question of what to give, another question arises: should you take a bottle of alcohol? The question, I must say, is a very delicate one.

If you are invited to a cup of coffee, then the bottle will not be fully adequate. The host can be confused by the fact that, apparently, you relied on a table with various drinks and he just wanted to delight you with coffee. Such clumsiness is not required by either the host or the guest and it is better to avoid it.

There are times when German hosts offer a glass of wine or a glass of champagne for a meeting, and then coffee is offered. It is not at all necessary to bring alcohol to such a reception. This should not confuse you. It is better to enter the house with flowers and be treated unexpectedly with a kind of drink than to enter the house with a bottle of wine when it was not expected.

Stacee R. Grigg

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