To become a celebrity means to become public. A celebrity looses the privacy of the personal life because the public have interest on the celebrity’s life no matter the size of the issue. This is the prize of fame of most celebrities. When an announcement is made public on the […]

Since ages women is known for beauty, styling and fashion. But women and gadgets don’t really go hand in hand. They hardly pay attention towards any technology news and technology reviews. When a gadget is presented in front of women most of them tend to appreciate things by their looks […]

It is so traditional thought to most of us that the only cheaper source of electricity comes from fossil fuels like coal and other than that there is no reliable source. Contributing reason is the fact that many environmentalists have pushed the wind and solar power which can only supply […]

The sad news about RSS is that some people only use this tool to stuff keywords into the feed, which is known as RSS spam. The truth is that these spammy blurbs are not just terrible for search engines that are trying to place the feeds but it could also […]

Advancements in technology, valiant journeys, and important people of the Age of Exploration created an impressive step toward the modern era. Improved technologies, such as the compass, which helped sailors along their journey to reach their destination, were promoted during this age. The brave journeys by many men were incredible, […]

The wide spread adoption of solar energy has been handicapped because of the lack of electrical storage capabilities. The solar industry is still far from a comprehensive storage solution, but there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon. A relatively new solar energy technology called concentrating solar power (CSP) […]