The fourth generation of computers began around 1975 and lasted until around 1985. It recognizes that period of computer history when the integrated circuit chip evolved into the microprocessor, a “computer on a chip.” As a result, the first functional desktop computers came into being, beginning with the hobbyist DIY […]

Gone are the days that you can only watch satellite TV through your TV sets. Today, it is possible to watch satellite TV without the hassle of installation of satellite dish. With the development of advance technology, and as a result of more than seven years of research and development, […]

In the 1990s, the software and technology behind communicating with people instantaneously through sight and sound using webcam software was being developed at breakneck speed. Its development was, in many ways, much like the development of the personal computer; it created an easy and reliable mode of communication for people […]

Technology advances are constant and ever changing. In fact it is difficult to keep up with all the new versions, upgrades and developments as they roll onto the market, usually when we’ve just figured out the last device we’ve purchased. It seems at times a degree in IT would be […]

Teaching and learning have taken on a whole new dimension due to the major impact of technology in schools. Teachers now have a medium to communicate effectively with one another and share ideas to better their teaching skills. They now have a pool of endless resources they can utilize to […]