3 Ways to Find and Pick the Best Influencer for Your Marketing Campaign

Influencer marketer has emerged as one of the most effective marketing tools that modern companies can use. They have a wider reach of a marketing range, and can easily influence other people or potential customers to use the product they are advertised.

In the past, influencer marketers were only limited to celebrities or important figures. They have the popularity that many people follow. Today, it is different. Many of the social media users with a big number of followers can easily become one. Therefore, many companies ask them to promote the product that the company wants to sell. The result is satisfying.

Why does the influencer marketer have that kind of power? Mostly, it is because of the modern society’s habits and culture that has changed. People now use social media and the internet way more than they did in the past. It is not wrong to say that social media has become a part of modern people’s lives. By utilizing this new culture, you get a powerful marketing tool.

Unfortunately, not all influencers and social media users are suitable for your marketing campaign. Moreover, there are millions of them today, so choosing one that could bring the best result for your campaign is considered one of the most challenging tasks in your company’s history.

But, worry not! We have the solution for you. Here, we already gathered several tips you can use to choose the best and, more importantly, the correct influencer marketer for your influencer marketing campaign. Let’s see what you should do first.

Take a Look at the Influencer Characteristic

The very first move you should do is research the influencer’s characteristics. Why is it important? You may find influencers that have a huge number of followers. They also have popularity and very high influential power. Even so, their followers or platform they use might not be suitable for the type of product and service you want to promote, or your customer.

For example, if your customer shows a good response on the video marketing campaign, you may find an influencer that uses YouTube or other video streaming. Otherwise, you can use the influencer from other platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

How influencers display their content is also another thing to consider. Some of them may say something that is not appropriate. Worst of all, they even say something bad about your product or service in the past. By researching their characteristics, you can work with the influencer that brings nothing but benefits for your company.

Are Their Contents Interesting?

Next, try to take a peek at their content. Is it interesting or somewhat bland and too generic? A marketing campaign needs a powerful impact that burns your product or service in the audience’s mind for a very long time. And, one of the methods to achieve that is by using interesting marketing content.

Some influencers may have many followers. But, their content is plain. If you use them, your promotional content will be considered a regular post by that influencer. It has no attraction power for their followers to use or try your product in the future.

One of the best examples is Zach King with his magic trick content. Once, he promoted a Subaru car by using his usual video style. However, he can make it better. His Subaru promotion post reaches more than 6 million views with an engagement rate of 11 percent. That is one of the best results you can get.

Therefore, it is necessary to put content quality on your way to choose an influencer. Make sure they know how to make the content interesting. So, it is enjoyable for their followers and creates some impact. It would be even better if they could create viral content.

Think Inside the Box

You might be familiar with the think-outside-the-box concept for creating marketing that attracts more attention. However, this concept is overused. Right now, you may have to discard that overused concept and use the safest approach by using the standard method. That will be more acceptable for your audience.

For example, if you want to promote a video game product, you don’t have to use the gamer channel as your product influencer. As you might already know, people who love playing games also like to do other things, like watching unboxing videos, gadget reviews, and such. So, you can use that method to get a closer marketing campaign with your audience.

Final Words

Choosing influencers could be a double-edged sword. Wrong one cause you lose money and give not-that-effective promotion. Correct one helps you grow into the next level you might never expect. So, plan everything. Spend more time to learn and research the influencer you want to use. That way you will get the best people that help you to promote your product.

Stacee R. Grigg

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