Blue Light on Your Body: What Are The Effects?

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You are exposed to blue light every day, whether you look at your device screens, take a step outside, or turn a wall switch on in the house. It makes the sky blue, and you try to avoid using eye drops or glasses to prevent irritation from the blue light-emitting devices you use. However, you can take precautions to prevent eye damage from blue, such as wearing blue light glasses. Accordingly, Lumina Blogs is a blogging website striving to provide quality company profiles on the best eyewear stores such as Specscart to help make consumers’ lives better and decrease overall blue light damage.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is visible light that the human eye can see but with short wavelengths and higher energy colours than the other colours on the visible light spectrum and vibrates in the range from 380 to 500 nanometers (nm). In addition, sunlight is the most significant source of blue light and is where you get the most exposure to blue light. However, blue light is also sourced through fluorescent and LED lighting and flat-panel screens. Furthermore, the amount of HEV that your devices produce are only a part of what the sun exposes, but the immense amount of time people spend on digital screens leaves eye experts and researchers very concerned. Moreover, HEV blue light scatters easily when it strikes air and water molecules in your atmosphere.

Blue Light Effects on Your Eyes

The effects of blue light exposure on your eyes are a significant concern because your eyes do a significantly bad job at blocking the blue light.  In addition, blue light can damage your retinas, also known as phototoxicity. As most of the blue light that you expose your eyes to travels through the cornea and lens to reach the back of your retina, there is evidence that blue light can cause long-term vision changes and eventually contribute to your risk of macular degeneration. Furthermore, the same study shows that blue light can trigger the release of toxic molecules in your photoreceptor cells. Moreover, the relationship between blue light and your eyes is unhealthy because it causes strain, dryness, and blurred vision.

How Does Blue Light Effect your Mental Health?

Blue light has continuously been researched and found to have a severe environmental influence on your brain and sleep, with the most significant response from your brain than any other visible light colour. This is because the brain naturally produces hormones to keep you awake and full of energy, a 24-hour cycle of your internal clock, commonly known as circadian rhythm. In addition, due to the brain working on multiple functions simultaneously, light plays a significant role in sending signals to the brain to release the right hormones at the required time of the day. For example, blue light sends an alert to the brain to lower its melatonin in the morning so that serotonin will increase for the day and then in the evening decrease with the fading light signals to our brain again to raise the level of melatonin hormones to help improve our night’s sleeping routine.

How to Avoid Blue Light Exposure

You can decrease your blue light exposure by turning your device’s blue-light filter on or investing in blue light filter glasses. These filters are available for practically any device, from smartphones, tablets, and laptops. In addition, blue light filters will reduce the amount of HEV light without altering the visibility of your screen’s display. However, you can also get blue light filter glasses off the shelf. If you already wear prescribed vision glasses, you can get a prescription filter added to your prescribed vision glasses to optimise your vision.

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