Marketing on the internet have become the best and most widely accepted form of global communication. Internet marketing communication consists of the global sharing of ideas, concepts, and information about products and services. Online marketing communication is initiated through the use of marketing media vehicles such as social media networks, […]

Crisis situations often occur in the heat of the moment. There are very seldom warning signs that give people the chance to prepare. Preparation needs to be done months, if not years in advance and in anticipation of a crisis situation arising. Through risk management we can help to keep […]

World Wide Web and other latest technologies have made the world shrink and have brought all the countries under one umbrella, that is, on one global platform. One such technology is the Skype technology. It has not only benefited immensely to business persons but has also contributed towards maintaining long […]

Technology is the leader of the enterprising world. And it leads using a constitution. Unlike the traditional political structure, this constitution is Algorithms written by engineers, scientists, etc and not congressmen and politicians. The global competition is largely who has the best technical group to write the best one; in […]