The Foundation of Every SEO Strategy – A Good Website

It is said that for a company to have a chance to have success, it needs at least one person of each of the 4 temperaments: a melancholic, a flegmatic, a sanguine and a choleric.

Or in other words: a thinker, a worker, a seller and a boss.

What the heck, psychology in an article about SEO?

Yes. Because excitingly new as it may seem, the Internet is only just taking up age old communication methods up to a next level.

People who would never write a book, never make a movie or never start a business do start websites now – and that is the reason why the Internet is simply saturated with websites that are hardly ever visited.

Because they were launched without the same careful process of thought that would have gone into all other projects.

I have gone through all the mistakes myself. I can honestly say I lost 2 years of my life, trying out all the software, reading all the SEO manuals, listen to audio courses in the car, changing websites for years on end without really getting anywhere.

It was hard to swallow to realise after all that time that it were not my SEO methods that were wrong, but simply my websites not being good enough.

Without an authentic and original personality, online visitors will go on clicking and not stop at your website. Without a very good product, you can not expect them to stay. Without the always enthused and passionate, almost charismatic touch of the good sales representative, your product will not be bought.

And without a boss, there is no unity between all those elements, and your website will either look chaotic, either incomprehensible.

On-Site SEO is in my opinion 90% preparation, and only 10% goes to the actual work during and after the website development.

If your website is good, it makes visitors stay, period. If it is very good, it turns visitors into clients.

And both these two events will make that your site will climb in the search engines.

The evolution of the Web was an amazingly quick one. We all started with websites, and more websites, and played with all the fun tools, all the fashions that came and went.

What is SEO but a great big Spring Cleaning, bringing some order in the current chaos? It is thanks to the phenomenon of SEO that we are now seeing more and more websites that actually wish to be very informative, that actually wish to contribute rather than to just snatch a client.

A search engine such as Google has an obsession with quality.

Once you realise this, your SEO strategy will not be a card house that can collapse at any time, but have a very solid foundation.

Stacee R. Grigg

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